Monday, October 24, 2011

Zucchini—Healthy?—Not always—But so good

The four medium-sized shiny green zucchini talked to me this morning. They kept repeating “Zucchini Bread” until I resurrected a recipe left over from my cooking school days. Even then, in the early 70’s, I was sneaking whole wheat flour into cookies, cakes, and breads. The trick was always to fool my family, and I usually succeeded.

The Zucchini Bread was loaded with vegetable oil and sugar, but it did have zucchini and whole wheat flour. And it tasted really good.

All morning, the zucchini bread that I made, I’ll have to admit, just for me, keeps calling me back to the kitchen. If shiny zucchini talks, zucchini bread shouts. I haven’t stopped sampling it and had better freeze some of it or I’ll eat it all.

After mixing the zucchini bread in my old faithful Cuisinart machine, I used the same ingredients and messy tools to create some dog biscuits. Does Mikey really like them? The jury’s still out, but my parrots can’t get enough of them.

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