Friday, October 21, 2011

The Dog Food Migraine Connection?

Could it be? Who knows?
I’ve been working on recipes for dog food made from the same ingredients as people food. That has meant:
·        No onions
·        No garlic
·        No tomatoes
·        No grapes or raisins
·        No avocado
·        No wine
·        No grapes
·        No macadamias

     It was a challenge. Creating a decent beef stew without my onions, garlic, and wine didn’t seem possible. But, I did it. I used lots of Italian seasoning mix, some pepper, dry mustard, smoked paprika, and a little salt. I took what I thought was going to be a serious risk, chicken broth that claimed to have no MSG (monosodium glutamate).
     I was under the impression that glutamates were created from cooking meat and poultry for a long time, so I ate the beef stew and took a chance—I didn’t even take a small dose of my migraine medication (Imitrex and Advil), something I might have done because I was so afraid of the 3 AM wake up call—the migraine attack. (Why do they always come at three in the morning? I haven’t figured that out yet.)
     It’s tomorrow, I slept all night (All night to me means the 4 AM alarm.). No headache, not even a minor one.
     Could it be that the same foods that are not safe for dogs have been contributing to my headaches? Might be true.
     Although we have had access to piles of avocados this season, I’ve been smart enough not to eat them. I never drink red wine, but haven’t yet made the red wine, red grape connection. But I haven’t been willing to give up the rest of the list. I have always cooked with an overabundance of garlic, onions, tomatoes, and wine and haven’t yet been able to control the 3 AM monster.
     Today might be the first day of the rest of my life—I’ll just eat like a dog.
To be continued….

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  1. Three days of eating like a dog--no just not eating what's bad for dogs--and I haven't had a migraine.