Thursday, June 4, 2015

Vacation: a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity (

We’re headed off to Long Key State Park for 11, count them eleven, days of…nothing, nada, peace, quiet. Where is Long Key State Park? It’s in the Florida Keys at mile marker 67.5. That means it’s about 67 miles from Key West and 40 miles from Key Largo, the first sign of civilization you encounter when you venture south from the mainland.

Florida has much to recommend it: climate, history, architecture, beaches, waterways, theme parks, people from all over the world, and best of all, the state parks. The parks in the Florida Keys are so popular that you must reserve camping spots months in advance. For holiday weekends, I mark my calendar 11 months ahead, according to the rules, and grab the reservations. Planning isn’t my strong point, so this takes discipline.

Long Key is like a trip to nowhere. Since we have a motor home and our only other transportation is a motor scooter with two wheels in front (We call it Screwie because it's so strange looking.), proximity to stuff is problematic at best. It’s 13 miles to the nearest supermarket, 10 miles to the nearest laundromat, and places to eat, not so many and very expensive. 

Cell phone service in the Keys is so spotty that we’re lucky when we can connect to the internet at all. We don’t take our satellite dish, so the only TV we’ll have is what we’ve recorded in advance.
Fortunately, we do have Kindles that we assiduously load on a daily basis, so we’re never at a loss for words.

So what will we do for eleven days? We ask ourselves the day before we leave, but, while we're reluctantly packing up to return to our semi-civilized lives, we ask what exactly did we do or how can we steal an extra day or two?  

Vacation: a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity.

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