Friday, May 10, 2013

Tweets Fly on Their Own Wings

     I’m so tired of the news cycle; it goes round and round and gets repeated ad nauseum. Sure Chris Christie’s too fat, so the press found out that he had lapband surgery. Will it make him a better governor? Shouldn’t the electorate decide that? Is he too fat to be healthy? Isn’t that between him and his doctor?
     Why do we look across the room and judge people before we know anything about them? Look at the watch, look at the shoes, how about the clothes? Are they too fat, sure they are, isn’t everyone too fat in this era. If you’re bigger than a Barbie Doll, you too are too fat.
      Then I thought about the article I read in Elle Magazine in August of 2011. The author had to choose between gaining 80 pounds from psychiatric medication and a living hell. As she gained the weight, the former stick thin young woman couldn’t wear a scarlet letter, nor could she hide; 80 pounds is the weight of a very large dog. 
      My daughter, who battled eating disorders while she battled the normal issues as she grew up, found herself in the same position. No one understood. I didn’t even understand until I read the article in Elle. I had even called the drug companies to try to find out if there was anything she could do. Their answers were to be expected: eat less and exercise more. In other words, there was nothing she could do.
      I don't Tweet very much so I didn’t understand the power of Twitter, but I tweeted the link to the Elle article. That was this morning. I keep getting notices from all the people who have re- tweeted the link. Elle even re-tweeted it to their millions of followers. I guess that’s what’s called “going viral.”

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