Friday, October 14, 2011

Who Needs Another Cookbook?

I have over 200 cookbooks sitting on my shelves. I use perhaps one or two recipes from each and, over the years, have altered each one and made up new ones that could be somewhat similar.

The pumpkin bread is a take off on one of the a recipes for banana bread that I selected from James Beard’s Beard on Bread (1973).  The whole wheat flour is one of my additions. Even way back in 1973 I was into whole grains and healthy cooking, trying to sneak nutritious ingredients into my recipes, but I still refuse to substitute for butter. I use 1% milk, but don’t mess with my butter.

My family and friends have been encouraging me to share my recipes, but I seemed never to have the time or inspiration to write the cookbook. Until now. Mikey is getting older, is a really fussy eater, and I have had my doubts about all the treats we stock for him.

If I could come up with a way to make food for Mikey with very little more effort than I now spend on everyday cooking, I figured we could all benefit. I started with treats, but will add veggies and main dishes as soon as I can figure them out.

My only concern is providing all the nutrients necessary to keep Mikey, who is a senior citizen, healthy. I concluded that it would help if I gave Mikey a daily multivitamin. Doggie vitamins aren’t expensive and are available on line and in retail pet stores.

Mikey had his first vitamin yesterday, but gave us a scare when he ignored the piece of chicken we offered him. I immediately started to worry that the “Mommy” biscuits hadn’t agreed with him and could have been the problem. The only way we could test Mikey’s condition was to suggest to him (You don’t tell Mikey what to do, you just make suggestions.) that we go for a walk, his favorite activity. When he acted like his normal “Mike-iac” self, jumping and spinning around, we concluded we had been snookered.

Mikey won again. And he ate the piece of chicken the minute we got home.

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