Monday, September 26, 2011

Pets Really Can Eat People Food

     When I checked our last few supermarket receipts, I realized that Mikey (The King of our House) eats as well as we do. I know there has to be a better way, both economically and practically. 

     I cook dinner most nights and usually have too much food. (When I first got married and asked how to cook for 2, I realized the absurdity of the question.  So I cooked for 4 and we ate it.) I have wanted to feed some of my meals to Mikey, but always feared the consequences.
o       How do I know how much to feed him?            
o       How do I know what he can eat?
o       How do I know if the food will be dangerous?
     I know there have to be answers to my questions so I'm on a quest. I've always been a crazy cook and own over 200 cookbooks. Cooking is more a hobby to me than a chore. When my children were small and I used to send them to school with sandwiches on my homemade 7 Grain Cereal Bread, they would often trade them away.  They used to have meetings on our front lawn about the best house to get Wonder Bread.

     I used to have a cooking school and have amassed a collection of my own recipes. Now I want to figure out how to cook for King Mikey using the same ingredients as I use for my family.  I also want to make my own treats.  Even if I can't save a lot of money, I know Mikey will be better off if I know what is in his treats.

     First I have to do the research and determine the requirements for each type and size of dog. Then I'll figure out the calorie content in each ingredient. I'll come up with a diet fit for a King.

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