Saturday, July 2, 2011

Letter to the Editor


     Good for you.  This is what we need: some positive press about our great city.  There is not a downtown in the country that has not had to turn itself around and rise from its own ashes. 
      We just spent two days in the marina at Bayside and walked and shopped and ate downtown.  Epoca is a shining example of what is to come to our great city.  Miami, you have just begun to fight for yourself.  We need a vibrant, clean, exciting downtown and we will get it, with a little help from our friends at the Herald, in the government, in the private sector.
      One idea from Seattle: free buses or trolleys within the core downtown shopping area.  Then we can park in less expensive lots and use free public transportation to support our revitalized downtown.  
      We cannot continue to be embarrassed by our city, but should present our best face to the world, the cruise passengers, the tourists, and the local citizens.  I repeat again and again to whomever will listen, "The only people who don't love Miami are those who don't know it.
Joanne Gruskin

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